“As the owner of a construction company maintaining adequate cash flow is of the highest priority. In the past dealing with banks and their inability to move through the loan process quickly and fund draws in a timely manner has proven costly. Simply put it slows down construction.

Geltco has all but eliminated that concern. In my experience from the initial request, to the closing and the funding of draws, it has moved with exceptional speed and professionalism. I can count on my draws to fund and keep construction going.

Quite often you feel as though the banks are working against you, with Geltco you have someone that truly understands our business. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make the process run more efficiently.”

Borrower / Construction Company Owner (Houston, TX)

“It is a pleasure to do business with Geltco.  They were open and honest about what they were comfortable doing and encouraged us to do the same.  They provided all the documentation to us prior to closing so that we could review them and decide to proceed.  They even made sure that the funds were available in time for closing under a tight deadline.  Without their help, we couldn’t have closed such a lucrative deal.  I will definitely do business with them in the future.”

Borrower / Developer (Houston, TX)

“We are  local real estate investors and from time to time were in need of some extra money to fund our transactions so we found this source. We have had several deals though Geltco and I have to say they have kept their word. Knowledgeable, honest, and I have enjoyed dealing with Geltco. They are very hands on and care about every deal. I highly recommend Geltco if you are in need of funding for a real estate deal.”

Borrower (Houston, TX)

“I have been a real estate developer since 1980, and I have lived through the peaks and valleys of this industry. After the financial crash in 2008-2009 and fallout there was very little readily available financing.
I was fortunate to come into contact with Geltco, who was recommended by my banker. Although private money lenders are typically higher rates, they will do deals that you cannot do with the banks. If the deal is good enough, then you should be happy to get the money.

Geltco made a quick, no-nonsense offer that we accepted, and they promptly funded the deal. Geltco did everything they said they would do with no delays. We will continue to work with Geltco, and we highly recommend Geltco to anyone.”

Borrower / Developer (Austin, TX)

“It has been a pleasure working with Geltco on our Residential Construction projects!

Having banking backgrounds, we have worked in the past with “traditional Banks”. Unlike a traditional bank, with Geltco the loan request, approval and closing process is easy. The entire process of working with Geltco has been simple and easy to understand. The documentation requirements are minimal and specific and uncomplicated. Getting from the loan request to loan approval was a matter of days and the closing followed a few days after that. Geltco is truthful when they say “We are ready to fund quickly”, as it was really just a matter of days, rather than weeks like our traditional Bank.

Both my partner and I agree that we prefer to work with Geltco as our private lender because they have gone beyond our expectation of making the loan approval and closing process simple and quick. While the cost of financing may exceed that of traditional banks, the ease of securing a loan and availability of loan proceeds far outweighs the additional cost. Both my partner and I agree, that we would prefer to be working on our projects for several weeks and a slightly higher rate than waiting to find out if we are approved and waiting longer for loan docs and funding.

Once again, thanks for helping us and we look forward to many more projects together!”

Borrower / Construction Company Owner (Houston, TX)

“I enjoyed working with Geltco as the lender on this renovation project. Geltco made the process seamless and most importantly fast. Hopefully this will be the first of many.”

Borrower (Houston, TX)

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